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Palms Elementary

Palms Elementary is tucked away in the diverse and progressive Palms neighborhood.  Located just south of the 10 freeway near the Overland Blvd and National Blvd exits, it is surrounded by Palm trees.  The intimate campus houses some of the greater minds in Los Angeles.  We are a School for Advanced Studies.  Our SAS teachers regularly receive extension training in the areas of enrichment and differentiation. 

Palms Elementary is home to the most considerate children in the city.  Our students play, eat and learn with individuals from over 20 different nationalities.  Further, with premiere Deaf or Hard of Hearing and Kindergarten Collaborative Class programs our students are welcome individuals of all abilities.  Finally, every major religion is represented at Palms.  Our students don't see color, ability or religion.  They see people.  We could all learn a lesson from the Palms family.