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Principal's Message

Dear Parents & Community,

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year.  We are excited to welcome our new and returning families to Palms Elementary & SAS!  We are proud of our designation as a Community School and know that our school is much-desired with an enrollment of approximately 300 students in grades PK-5.  Our school population represents a rich mosaic of ethnic, linguistic, and cultural diversity. 

We enter this school year poised for a return to normalcy and to excellence.  COVID-19 persists and has changed us all but we are ready to welcome our students and our parents and our community back on campus.  We want our students filling our classrooms and hallways with the engaged "buzz" of learning and relationship building.  Our teachers and our Very Important Parent Partners know that this how children learn best and we work every day to deliver a rigorous learning environment designed to support healthy minds, healthy bodies, and healthy emotional well-being. I continue my pledge to continue our efforts to improve Palms to being the "Best in the West."  We will exemplify #PalmsPride each and every day.

It is my honor to work with our talented and hard-working staff, our supportive community, and our amazing students.  To guide our improvement efforts we continue to transform the typical elementary curriculum through Systems Thinking.  This SAS focus permeates our work with EVERY student.  Students learn to guide their own learning across disciplines by analyzing the world and finding interconnectedness by searching for "systems."

In addition, we continue to ask four questions to ensure our students are succeeding both academically and social-emotionally.  These questions are:

  • What do we want students to learn?
  • How will we know when students have learned?
  • How will we respond to those students who did learn?
  • How will we respond to those students who did not learn?

I am honored to continue as your Proud Principal.  I am also a proud husband and father to two talented daughters who are now in college and high school.  I encourage my staff daily to be mindful of their mental health, physical health, and overall wellness and I try to meet this goal as well.  When not at the school site I can often be found reading, on walks (or jogs), or attending other events with my family in our community and local areas.

I look forward to working with you as we continue to build and strengthen our school and community for long-term success for ALL.  The upcoming school year will be filled with exciting and wonderful learning opportunities. My goal is for all stakeholders to reflect on their practice to find ways to improve by 10%.  If all of us can find a way to Be 10% Better as parents, or students, or simply as human beings just imagine how much our world can improve!

Join us as we continue Learning Our Way - The Palms Dolphins Way!


William Lamb, Principal