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2nd Grade Team

The 2019-2020 grade teachers are Mrs. Angela Alston, (grade level chair), Ms. Carola Dunham, Mr. Michael Oropollo, and Mrs. Veronica Mora. Each of the teachers are tenured and highly qualified. All four teachers dedicate time at grade level meetings to prepare curricular materials that help meet the needs of their diverse student learners. For example, they create detailed study materials to assist parents in preparing their children for upcoming Benchmark and Math Quarterly assessments. On any given day, these teachers can be found in their classrooms well after regular work hours, preparing lessons and/or helping their students. This grade level carries a thread of collaboration, team teaching, compassion and creativity that enables the teachers to provide dynamic and meaningful instruction for their students.

  Angela Alston 2nd Grade Teacher
  Brittany Dorn 3-4-5 DHH Teacher