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4th Grade Team

Fourth grade is a pivotal year for our students. Previously students were learning to read: in fourth grade they read to learn. The focus is on comprehension and understanding, which translates into being able to write about what they have learned. By the end of fourth grade, students should be able to write a multi-paragraph essay including introductory and concluding paragraphs. Fourth graders take the math skills they learned previously to a whole other level: working with numbers in the millions, decimals, fractions, area and perimeter, algebraic equations and applying their knowledge to complex multi-step problems.
In science, fourth graders learn about the earth itself, how it is built up and broken down, the interdependence of all organisms in their environment, and the seemingly magical properties of electricity and magnetism. Fourth grade social studies deal with the exciting history of California from the first peoples who lived here through belonging to Spain, Mexico, and becoming a state within the United States.
This is just a taste of the many exciting topics that are covered in fourth grade. We the fourth grade teachers are excited to facilitate our students learning as well as their social, emotional, and academic growth during this crucial time in their lives.

  Brittany Dorn 3-4-5 DHH Teacher
  Shinkai Karzai 4th Grade Teacher
  Chloe Miller 4th Grade Teacher
  Allegra Tetreault SDC 3-5 Teacher