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5th Grade Team

As teachers, we truly believe that education is the tool to open doors for the future of our children. Therefore, it is our desire to do our best to help your child achieve his/her potential in the upcoming school year.

What students learn in the Fifth Grade

In the fifth grade, students will accomplish many things. Here are some of them:

Language Arts
You will read silently and aloud various works of literature. You will use your knowledge of word origins and word relationships, as well as historical and literary context clues, to learn the meaning of many new words. You will analyze poetry and stories presented in your textbooks, and then draw inferences, conclusions, and generalizations about what you read. You will organize your thoughts to speak and write in various genres about a multitude of topics in a way that is clear to others.

You will work with numbers from 0.001 to 1,000,000 . You will compute with positive and negative numbers, including adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals, fractions, and percents. You will use variables in simple expressions, compute the value of the expressions, compute the value of the expression for specific values of the variable, and plot and interpret the results. In measurements and geometry you will find perimeter, area, and volume for two and three-dimensional objects.

History / Social Studies
Fifth grade students will study the development of the nation from pre-Columbian times to 1850.

One area of focus is the study of the varied types of matter in the world. Chemical and physical properties of substances are also included. In life sciences, you will study plant and animal structures and systems of respiration, digestion, waste disposal, and the transport of materials. Fifth grade students will also study weather and basic astronomy. In learning about these topics, you will questions, predict, investigate, experiment, and record date. You will be a scientist!

  Brittany Dorn 3-4-5 DHH Teacher
  Gail Jackson Bassett 5th Grade Teacher
  Allegra Tetreault SDC 3-5 Teacher
  Jasmine Vaughn 5th Grade Teacher