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The heart of Palms Elementary School beats in the main office. Upon entering, your first introduction will be to our caring and helpful office staff: Mrs. Hughes and Ms. Alicia.

We take pride in working hard to represent Palms with a happy and positive environment for parents, students, staff, and the community. We strive to help our parents and students become a part of our learning community.

Our focus is to inform parents and the community of upcoming events by distributing flyers and updating the announcements of schedules by posting the information on our beautiful marquee located in front of the school.

The school office is staffed only one day a week with a registered nurse; the remainder of the week, we assist your child with basic health care needs. We update and monitor each student's emergency information and attendance to comply with District policy. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our records which helps to secure the safety of our students and staff.

We are always available for your phone calls during school hours to address your questions and concerns. As a team, we look forward to greeting you and making you feel like a part of the Palms family.