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School Location

Palms Elementary is tucked away in the diverse and progressive Palms neighborhood. Located just south of the 10 freeway near the Overland Ave and National Blvd exits, it is surrounded by palm trees. The intimate campus houses some of the greater minds in Los Angeles.

Traveling east on the 10 freeway:

Exit Overland Ave/National Blvd. Turn left on National Blvd and follow the curve down the hill. Turn left on National again. Make a right on Motor Ave. Palms Elementary will be located on the southeast corner of Motor Ave and Palms Blvd.

Traveling west on the 10 freeway:

Exit National Blvd and make a left. When you pass under the freeway go straight. You are now on Palms Blvd. Palms is located on the southeast corner of Palms Blvd and Motor Ave.

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School View