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School for Advanced Studies

The Schools for Advanced Studies (SAS) are programs designed throughout the District which have been implemented to improve educational options and increase professional training to support the development of gifted and talented youth. The Schools for Advanced Studies Program receives funding from the District in the form of a block grant. SAS teachers and administrators are required to participate in professional development training.

At Palms we take that a step farther.  We have created an exciting program that not only challenges our GATE students academically but ALL students through our innovative work with Systems Thinking.  We are in our 5th year of our work with Systems Thinking and all teachers are being trained so that our instruction moves more toward purposeful project-based lessons that allow students to drive instruction through their inquiry while deepening learning through purposeful collaborative academic conversations that allow students to make connections between the various "systems" at work in our world.  You and your child will find Palms Elementary to be both challenging and fun.