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Palms Students

Palms Elementary is home to the most considerate children in the city. Our students play, eat, and learn with individuals from over 20 different nationalities. Further, with the premiere the Deaf or Hard of Hearing and Kindergarten Collaborative Class programs our students welcome individuals of all abilities. Finally, every major religion is represented at Palms. Our students don't see color, ability, or religion. They see people. We could all learn a lesson from the Palms family.

At Palms Elementary we promote a Positive School-wide Behavior by practicing our 3 B's:  Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible.  These 3 B's are taught from day 1 by classroom teachers and even at grade-level Behavior Fairs during the year.  Our goal is for our considerate children to practice Being Safe, Respectful, and Responsible in the common areas of Palms: Playground, Cafeteria, Hallways, Restrooms, and Auditorium.