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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Palms Elementary Community is to develop productive citizens through a rigorous academic curriculum and appropriate social/emotional guidance.

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JUNE 2018



JUN 01: Movie Night - Bolt- 5:30pm

JUN 05: Kindergarten Festivities, 9:00-10:00am

JUN 06: 5th Grade Culmination, 9:00-10:00am

JUN 06: Minimum Day - 12:49pm Dismissal

JUN 07: Last Day of School

JUN 07: Minimum Day - 12:49pm Dismissal




News & Reminders!


~Our regular dismissal times are 2:33pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Every Tuesday students are dismissed at 1:33pm.  Any children staying on campus after dismissal are to be students of Palms Elementary and need to be enrolled in either Youth Services, Youth Development Program, or the YMCA.  The campus is to be cleared and secured of students and guests 10 minutes after dismissal.

~Youth Services is open until 6pm and serves students in grades 2-5.  This free program has one coach and has rolling sign out times.

~Youth Development Program is open until 6pm and serves students in grades K-5.  This free program has multiple coaches but students are expected to remain in the program daily until about 6pm.

~YMCA has closed Operations at Palms Elementary.  We are looking for another provider to add to the Palms Elementary Community.


~Middle School and High School Siblings are not to wait on campus with their elementary-aged brothers and sisters.  We have no personnel responsible for their safety.  These students are to be either at home or enrolled in after school programs at their own school site.




~MORNING DROP-OFF:  The campus opens at 7:30am.  Students are not permitted on campus before 7:30am.  There are no personnel available to monitor students or ensure student safety until 7:30am.  Do not drop off your child before this time.


~VALET DROP-OFF:  We encourage all parents to please use our Valet Drop-Off on Vinton for the safest and most efficient way to drop off your children.  Our excellent and polite staff are there to assist your child as they exit the vehicle and enter the school grounds.  DO NOT ATTEMPT drop offs in the middle of Motor Avenue by double-parking - it puts you in danger of a ticket; it puts you and your children at risk of an accident; it is something your child will be watching and learning.  Let's make good safe choices daily.  To assist our Palms Parents we keep this gate open for a few extra minutes so that our late arrivals do not have to stop on Motor!


~VISITORS/VOLUNTEERS:  All campus visitors or fully processed volunteers are reminded to sign-in either in the hallway at our Greeting Desk or in the main office.  Visitors and volunteers are further reminded to sign-out before going home.


~AFTER SCHOOL:  Our students staying on campus are to be enrolled in an After School Program.  The campus is to be cleared and secured of other students 10 minutes after dismissal.  Families who wish to stay and visit with each other or who wish to allow children time to play before going home are encouraged to utilize Woodbine Park.


~AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS:  We are proud to offer Youth Development Program (YDP) and Youth Services Program (YS) which are free programs run by the district Beyond the Bell Program.  Each programs operate from the end of the instructional day until 6pm.



Student Handbook

Please check out our 2016 - 2017 Student Handbook.  It is located under the "Students" tab or you can click here.

Teacher's Corner

Staff Directory

Alston, Angela
2nd Grade Teacher
Breeding, Debbie
4th Grade Teacher
Davis, Monica
3rd Grade Teacher
Dorn, Brittany
DHH 4-5 Teacher
Dunham, Carola
5th Grade Teacher
Greiving, Alison
K-1 DHH Teacher
Higashi, Mary
2nd Grade Teacher
Jackson Bassett, Gail
5th Grade Teacher
Karzai, Shinkai
4th Grade Teacher
Kupper, Kirsten
Resource Teacher
Lamb, William
Lopez, Mariana
PSC Teacher
Lord, Christal
1st Grade Teacher
Oropollo, Michael
SDC K-2 Teacher
Patterson Jones, Suzanne
TSP Advisor
Salazar, Sonia
Kindergarten Teacher
Shannon, Deborah
3rd Grade Teacher
Spencer, Derek
Kindergarten Teacher
Spotville, Ronda
Temple, Molly
1st Grade Teacher
Tetreault, Allegra
SDC 3-5 Teacher
Turner, Adrielle
PK DHH Teacher
Ward, Kristen
2-3 DHH Teacher